Joint Declaration of the Turkish Grand National Assembly

Tallin Büyükelçiliği 17.07.2016

We, as the Justice and Development Party, Republican People’s Party, People’s Democratic Party and Nationalist Movement Party groups, strongly condemn the coup attempt, which started in late hours of July 15 and was suppressed in the early hours of July 16, against our noble nation, national will, our state and particularly the National Assembly representing the will of the nation and its lawmakers.

Our nation’s stance against the coup and its success in averting the bloody coup attempt sets an example for the whole world. This noble nation, which has protected the Republic of Turkey and its institutions at the risk of their lives, deserves to be praised and lauded. Our nation is grateful to and will always remember the heroes martyred for this cause.

Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA), as the representative of this noble and heroic nation, has executed its duty under the shadow of bombs and bullets, thus proving the nation its worth once again.

One should never forget that the TGNA commanded the War of Independence, enhanced the democratic parliamentarian system over the years, ensured Turkey’s transition to democracy and carried a nation from poverty to the level of contemporary civilization.

The Turkish parliament adopted a brave and dignified stance against the coup attempt as one heart. It has given the necessary response to coup plotters and conveyed the necessary message to the world.

TGNA’s determined stance against the coup attempt is very valuable for democracy to become more established and advanced.

Let us make it clear that any attempt against our nation, national will or TGNA will be met with the iron will of the Turkish Grand National Assembly resisting them, just as it did today.

TGNA will continue to reflect the firm belief of our nation in democracy.

It is precious and historic that all party groups in the Parliament have adopted a common attitude and rhetoric against the coup attempt. This common attitude and rhetoric will add to the strength of our nation and national will.

The perpetrators of this attack against the National Assembly, the nation and national sovereignty will pay a heavy price.

This joint declaration constitutes the most concrete proof that nothing will be the way it used to be in Turkey.

Despite our political differences, we are beside the national will, we embrace it and we will embrace it forever with all our lawmakers and institutions.

Our nation should rest assured.

The National Assembly and its lawmakers have not and will not let the trust of this nation down.

We once again strongly condemn this attack against our democracy, our nation, and the parliament representing national will. We request our people to avoid engaging in acts of violence beyond the limits of democratic reaction that would not befit our country.

We commemorate with respect, gratitude and mercy our martyrs that fell while resisting the coup and wish for a speedy recovery to the wounded.

We would also like to extend our greetings to all friendly and brotherly countries that stood by Turkey and our noble nation with their messages of support.

İsmail Kahraman, Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly

Binali Yıldırım, Justice and Development Party Group Chairman

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Republican People’s Party Group Chairman

Devlet Bahçeli, National Movement Party Group Chairman

İdris Baluken, People’s Democratic Party Deputy Group Chairman


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